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Car Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your car is part of your life, so you not only expect it to take you everywhere you need to go, but you expect it to get you there in comfort. During the summer, your air conditioner works hard to beat the heat, and your heater helps you brave the cold of winter. What happens when these critical systems fail?

Hurst’s Tire Service serves vehicle owners in Lancaster County, PA, and surrounding areas. Hurst’s specializes in the maintenance and repair of vehicle heating and air conditioning systems, as well as almost all other automotive systems.

Car Heating System Not Working

Drivers who report their car heating system not working want a solution fast. Hurst’s Tire Service can quickly diagnose problems and perform car heating system repair.

Car heating systems require specialized attention because they connect to critical engine systems including the radiator, heater core, and hoses. It also involves the ventilation system for the passenger cabin and the dashboard controls that manage climate control.

Periodic maintenance can prevent many car heating system failures. Hurst’s service managers and technicians can recommend service intervals based on the manufacturer’s recommendations for your car.

Air Conditioning Not Working in Car

Residents of Lancaster County, PA know that summer heat can be unbearable without a working vehicle air conditioner. Whether a problem involves refrigerant levels or a failed belt or compressor, the technicians at Hurst’s Tire Service can quickly perform almost any car air conditioning repair.

You can’t prevent every possible problem, but timely car air conditioning service can prevent many air conditioning failures. When you bring your car to Hurst’s Tire Service, our service managers and technicians can recommend service for your car’s air conditioner based on manufacturer recommendations and standard industry practices.

Begin with Vehicle Inspection

Air conditioning or heater inspections can help you avoid problems during the hottest and coldest times of the year. When you bring in your vehicle, our technicians will carefully examine every part of the system. They will then provide you with service recommendations if needed. Otherwise, they will work with you to schedule routine maintenance to keep your vehicle running right for many years to come. Schedule an auto service online today!

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