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Tire Retreading: Safe, Reliable and Cost-Efficient Tires

Tire retreading is one of the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient ways to maintain reliable tires on vehicles. We routinely help our customers in Lancaster County, PA by utilizing cutting-edge technology and safe techniques to deliver reusable tires.

Understanding the retreading process will help you understand why retreads are one of the best ways to purchase reliable tires.

What is Tire Retreading?

As the name suggests, tire retreading involves taking old tires that may have worn treads and putting new treads on them. This process is incredibly safe for a number of reasons, as you will soon discover.

The first step in the retreading process is to take an old tire. The worn treading is removed until nothing but the tire casing is left. The casing is inspected for any signs of damage to the wall and to the tread surface.

Any damage to the wall will typically result in the tire being thrown away, as its structural integrity has been compromised. Damage to the tread area can be marked and treated later in the retreading process.

The damage is repaired by resurfacing the tread of the tire. Gaps can be filled in using a material that acts as a foundation for the new tire treads to adhere to in the later stages of the retreading process. This results in a reliable tire that can hold air while resisting the forces of friction and pressure changes.

The next step is to apply new treads to the tire. The treads will be bonded, wrapped in elastic, then cured in a special machine.

Upon completion of the retreading, the tire is closely inspected for any defects. The tread must be perfectly centered for a reliable retread that will last a considerable amount of time.

Is Tire Retreading Safe?

Retreading is incredibly safe when it is done right. That’s why we carefully inspect our tires utilizing the eyesight of technicians and the careful imaging of machines to search for any potential problems. By using these careful inspections to remove unreliable tires from the process and to repair tires that will be retreaded, we are able to deliver a completely safe and extremely reliable product to you.

The best part of tire retreading from Hurst’s Tire Service is that we ensure your tires are as close to new as possible. We repair defects during the retreading process to ensure that these tires are safe, reliable and able to endure the elements.

The difference between a retreaded tire and a new tire is minimal when the tire has been retreaded properly. They both should have ample tread while being able to hold a sufficient amount of air reliably. There should be no wobbling or imperfections that may hinder the performance of your tires.

When you need dependable tires in Lancaster County, PA, find Hurst’s Tire Service. We aim to deliver reliable, safe and trustworthy products to use with your vehicles.

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