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Reduce Tire Wear with Wheel Alignment

All cars need maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. There are some car maintenance tasks that many people tend to recognize as a priority, and they try to do the maintenance based on the maintenance schedule for the specific automobile. Maintenance such as changing the oil is usually done on a regular basis. The reason is because people understand that if there is no oil in their automobile or the oil should have been changed a longtime ago, severe damage can be done to the engine.

However, there are a variety of maintenance tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. One of these maintenance tasks is a wheel alignment. The reason why automobile owners should make sure their automobiles are properly aligned is because a proper alignment will help their automobile drive properly.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is also referred to as tracking or breaking, and involves making adjustments to the angles of the wheels so that the wheels are set to the specific car manufacturer’s specifications. An alignment helps prevent tire wear by keeping automobiles traveling true and straight.

As long as automobiles are driving straight, the wear on tires is even across all tires. However, when automobiles do not travel straight, the automobiles can pull to one side. This results in abnormal tire wear. This abnormal wear significantly reduces the life of the affected tires.

Many automobiles come out of alignment based on where the automobiles are driven. Automobiles driven off roads, on rough roads, and similar conditions tend to need alignments done more frequently than automobiles driven on better roads. Also, the way an automobile is driven, the type of weather conditions and situations such as running into potholes can affect an alignment.

Some people go without an alignment or wait longer than they should to have an alignment done. The reason why alignments are sometimes pushed off or not done is often cost related. However, this cost should be carefully considered against the cost of having to replace the affected tires as a result of the tire wear caused by a bad alignment.

While an automobile will still run without a proper alignment, it will drive significantly better and the tires will typically last longer when the automobile is properly aligned.

If you live in the area and are interested in checking the current alignment of your wheels, or actually wanting an alignment done, visit us at Hurst’s Tire Service. We are a tire shop in Lancaster, PA where alignment services are done on many car makes and models.

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