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Signs and Causes of Irregular Tire Wear

The performance and tread life of your tires can be severly impacted by irregular tire wear. Irregular wear can come from many different issues, from air pressure to improper balancing, and more. Here are some of the most common issues and what to look for to put a stop to the problem:

Air Pressure: Having improper air pressure in your tires will cause your tires to wear in specific patterns. The patterns of wear will depend on whether the tire is under-pressured or over-pressured.

Balance Issues: If you notice your tire spinning with a wobble, this is the result of improper balance. Wobbling will cause your tire to wear, and will also show up as vibration in your driving.

Bent Wheels: Another cause of not only tire wear, but vibration as well, is a bent wheel/rim. Not only will it cause irregular wear on the tire on the bent wheel, but it can effect the other tires as well. The bend causes the sidewall or the tire to dip and follow the bend, causing very irregular tread wear.

Alignment: Incorrect alignment can cause a number of different irregular wear patterns to develop. A type of impact from a pothole, or other circumstance can also cause your wheels to be knocked out of alignment, causing two tire wear situations that will keep feeding off of one another. A 4-point alignment will ensure that your tires are parrallel to one another, and flat to the pavement.

Having your wheels aligned, balanced, and air pressured checked is a great idea to have done whenever you take your vehicle in for service or oil changes. Here at Hurst's Tire Service, we specialize in all things tires in Lancaster. Give us a call today for your tire alignment and balacing to ensure you're getting optimal wear on your tires!

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