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Why and When to Rotate Your Tires

Rotation of your tires is an important routine and an easy auto maintenance job. When done properly, tire rotation can improve your gas mileage, extend the life of your tires, improve upon the predictability and steadiness of the car during when you need to use the breaks in a sudden or emegency type situation. The rotation of tires involves moving your tires to different positions around the car to ensure that they wear evenly.

Why should tires be rotated?

Rear and front tires wear, however, the rate and pattern in which they wear differs. Since the front tires carry the most weight of the car due to the engine location, they wear faster than the rear. In addition the side that a car turns to more frequently also wears faster. When you rotate your tires, you equalize the natural wear pattern by interchanging the positions of the tires. This will lead to a safer and smooth ride than allowing your tires to remain in the same positions and keep wearing in the same pattern. Another reason as to why you should rotate the tires on your vehicle is that while you may be paying to have them rotated, it will save you money in the long run by extending the life of your tires.

When to rotate the tires

The best time to rotate the tires is anytime you are changing the oil, supposing you change your oil on a recommended schedule. Vehicles manufacturers suggest you should have your tires rotated once every six months or after 7,500 miles driven. While the owner's manual of your vehicle most likely instructs you how to rotate your tires on your own, it is not a simple project for the average person. It is recommended that you have your local tire shop or dealer rotate your tires so they can also assess the condition of your tires.

How to know your tires need rotating

Bars pattern

All tires have tread wear bars. Tread wears bar are tiny bridges that are formed between the threads. Look and see if the bars are running through the tires or forming between the threads. When the tires are wearing, the bars become level with the thread of the tire.

Penny test

You can also use a penny to check the thread of the tire. Place a penny upside down and the face of Abraham Lincoln facing your direction. If the top of the Lincoln or the copper is above the thread or the hair of Lincoln is partially visible, then you know it is time to rotate your tires.

Irregular tread wear

If you notice your tires have irregular tread wear, it is an indication that the tire requires rotation. Rotate all the tires in pairs from rear to front tires. Move the tires in opposite directions, as see on the chart provided courtesy of Extreme uneven tire wear may be as a result of improper alignment which may lead to shortened life of the tires. Hurst's Tire Service specializes in Lancaster tire repair and sales, and our skilled tire technicians can check the alignment of your car and condition of your tires while doing a rotation to ensure you get the most out of your tires.

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What happens if the tires are not rotated?

Uneven tire that is not rotated can cause a serious mechanical problem to a car. The tires tend to wear poorly and drag. This can alter weight distribution of the vehicle, adding tire wear particularly when cornering. Tir rotation is very crucial part of vehicle maintenance and should not be overlooked. Bring your vehicle into Tires Lancaster for a tire rotation and assessment of your tires condition.

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