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How To Choose The Right Tires

Your car needs new tires. You know that, but aren't sure what sort of tires your car needs. That's where Lancaster tires comes in. The following information will help you choose the correct tires from the tire retailers Lancaster PA.

Learn the Tire Size

Because vehicles differ in weight and size, not every tire on the market will work with your vehicle. If too much stress is placed on the tires, they will not last as long as they should and the car will not respond as quickly. To find the tires recommended by the manufacturer, check the glovebox or online for the owner's manual. Be careful not to use over or undersized tires. Stay within a 3% change of diameter size.

Find the Tire Information

Tires carry a label. Check the label of your tire and learn to decipher it. That P stands for passenger car. Other letters and numbers stand for type of tire, load-carrying ability and width.

Consider Safety

Tires type makes a difference in comfort and safety. The size and durability of tires are all things to check out. The tires chosen need to match up with your particular vehicle.

Match Tires

A person doesn't always need four new tires. Sometimes, you only need one or two. If this is the case, don't simply buy tires and slap them on the car. Check out the tires on the car, taking note of the size, speed rating and brand type. Make sure new tires match the older tires. Matching tires is important so you don't end up with handling difficulties. If tires on one side differ from those on the other side, tires on the left may well react differently or not as quickly as the tires on the right side. This, then, becomes a safety issue.

Consider The Weather and Type of Driving Done

What sort of driving do you do does matter. Tires are created for such things as better traction or durability. If you drive in a variety of weather conditions, you might consider all-season tires. Many new cars come with these versatile tires, so check before choosing new ones. If you travel in the mountains, you'll choose a tire that hugs those curves. In heavy traffic areas, you want to choose tires that respond quickly, and if you deal with lots of snow and ice, think in terms of snow tires--at least in the colder seasons. Since seasons change so dramatically, you might consider one set of tires for cold seasons and another for warmer seasons.

With this information, some time and effort and with the advice and assistance from tire centers in Lancaster PA, you can choose just the right tires to keep you and your family safe on the road.

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